"If Norwalk has a band that can be considered a music institution, my vote goes to The Juicy Grapes."

Mike Horyczun - The Norwalk Hour

"With over 60 musical acts, UpstateLIVE has broken it down to FIVE acts you need to see at StrangeCreek: The Hornitz, Wild Adriatic, Eastbound Jesus, The Primate Fiasco and The Juicy Grapes."

UpStateLIVE.com - Get Strange at StrangeCreek


"Things are going to get juicy....The band’s shows are energetic, with a unique vibe."

Diana Costello - Listening Room


"Juicy Grapes take the stage with their sex and sax approach to funking it up. There's lead singer T, in front with her fetching golden locks and a sweet hippie sensibility... They're a magnet for anyone wanting to wiggle the night away"

Fairfield Weekly

“The Juicy Grapes Squeeze Delight at SoNo Arts CelebrationAugust 1st, 2009. I was digging the sounds of The Juicy Grapes who took the Washington & Water Street Stage and crowd by storm. T’s vocals rocked and Steve DeFala’s sax wailed on Skinny Dippin’... Check ‘em out”