In a word, they’re juicy. In a few words, The Juicy Grapes are a high-energy, multi-faceted group that masterfully combines rock, soul, jazz and funk into a blend of hippie Motown swing get out of your seat and shake it grooves.The Juicy Grapes hail from southern CT where their loyal and lively following has made them an area favorite. Born in 1998, TJG have evolved into a thriving musical family and have managed to create an energetic live show that undeniably forces their audience to rise to their feet and become an active part of the spectacle. 

TJG have a unique vibe that seamlessly mixes the sultry and the playful, the cosmic and the universal. The lyrics will make you chant; the rhythms will make you swerve. Whether you’re barefoot in the grass at a festival or bouncing underground in the club, you can’t help but get hooked on the juice.